Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FOB Indian seaport?

Ans. Mumbai (Bombay) is for LCL shipments, for FCL shipments we also use Mundra or Pipavav as well as Nhava Sheva (Mumbai).  We also use a dry port called Ludhiana/Jalandhar and for textile shipment we sometimes use Tuticorin or Tirupur ports or Kolkata.

What is FOB Indian airport?

Ans. New Delhi, Amritsar, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

What are the payment terms?

Ans. For sea shipment orders, we normally work on 30 to 40% deposit and rest on BOL copy OR via L/C at sight or balance payment on shipment via wire transfer (TT). We can also accept L/C 30 to 90 days after doing a credit check on the client through Dun & Bradstreet (D & B) or our bankers. Special payment terms are acceptable in some cases also.

For air shipment we normally work on 30 to 40% deposit and rest before shipment leaves from the factory.

Quality Assurance?

Ans. We work with many different brands, stores and multinationals, but if you need any DU-PRO or pre-shipment inspection via SGS, ITS or STR etc, we can arrange the same for you as well. We might put a small surcharge for this from 1 to 1.5% due to extra special handling. We always strongly suggest to agree, the detailed check list with picture and AQL levels before inspection so that there are no confusions later on

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What is the normal delivery time?

Ans. It is normally 4 to 6 weeks ex-India for small orders and for big orders it is 6 to 10 weeks ex-India, however for exceptional cases we can do it in lesser time also. It all depends on demand and stock position in the factory. To process your orders faster processing, we might ask for a surcharge on a case-to-case basis. It's always better to keep extra 1-2 weeks as there can be multiple problems like port congestion, strike, computer system down etc (all this beyond our control)

Transit and shipment time?

Ans. From Indian seaport to European seaport, it normally takes 4-5 weeks’ time and for other major seaport 5-6 weeks, for air shipment it takes 1 week approximately. It is always better to keep 1-2 weeks as buffer, in case of any delay in vessel, strikes. Port congestion etc. Also, we always recommend that you double check with us all the shipment transit timings with us which your local shipping agent have told you as they are NOT fully aware of the Indian situation

What is your AQL level ?

Ans. We normally use 2.5% major and 4% minor AQL level,  if you need anything special please double confirm to us before the order placement. Also, you agree on the check list points as well before very well in time before we start the accrual production

Reach and safety standards?

Ans.We do all these products and have most of our products checked and certified, but in case you need any speial certification for some particular project we can arrange the same against pre-payment by any Internationa certification company

Factory Audit?
Ans. We have an audit report which can be sent to you. We have been audited before in case your team wishes to audit the same can be arranged as well, with a prior appointment.
Child labour?
Ans. We do not use any child labour inside our factory and are members of The Sports Goods Foundation of India (SGFI) an organization who works towards rehabilitation and prevention of child labour in the sports goods industry.
Factory Visit?
Ans. In case a buyer wishes to visit the factory, they are more than welcome, with a prior appointment. Also, we suggest check list for the same
What is Transit time for air shipment Ex-India?

Ans. From our factory to the airport, it is 8-10 hours normally but keep 1 day to be on the safer side. Keep 2-4 days for custom clearance as well. For air shipment, to any major airport Worldwide from Indian airport is 7-10 maximum but situation changes very fast.

What is Transit time for sea shipment Ex-India?


From factory to dry seaport is 1-2 days and other seaport it is 5-7 days normally. Keep 2-4 days for custom clearance as well.

For sea to any major seaport Worldwide from Indian seaport is 25-35 days in Europe and 35-45 to USA & South American, Australia & New Zealand

What is Vessel Availability from India?

Ans. Please double confirm the same from us as we need to check in written with our shipping agents also. There are many direct and indirect vessels so don’t take any information for granted online unless we have sent you the same in written and confirmed

Order production?

Ans. Unless we get the payment copy, official PO and complete details asked for this in this sheet on email with a copy to concerned email of account … and account manager we cannot start the order process please note. We need the payment to be in Indian bank account to start ok

Sample policy


  1. For 1 or 2 sample will sent you free samples, but you have to freight charges.
  2. For more 2or 3 samples, you have to pay both sample & freight charges.
  3. If you need customized sample, you have to pay customized cost, sample and freight cost for the same. Which amount will adjust in order.
BOL Surrender?

Ans. Kindly keep 3-5 days for the same after the money has been received in our bank account. All the big shipping companies office are in Mumbai o we need to courier the originals to them which normally takes 2-3 days to reach only

What is the HS (Harmonized System) code?
Ans. We can provide you with the same product and category-wise.
What is the legal requirements of the product?

Ans. You have to check at your end at the time of ordering to be 101% sure and otherwise we will not be held responsible for the same.

Can I pay the billing amount by Credit Card or Debit Card?
Ans. Yes, but small amount only. For shipments, you can pay by T/T or L/C.
How do I supply artwork for branding?
Ans. Digital vector artwork as an Adobe Illustrator file (.eps or .ai) with texts converted to objects. If submitted as Photoshop minimum resolution must be 300dpi at 100% print size.
What is the lead time for manufacturing?

Ans. Depend upon the quantity, branding, design etc.

Does manufacturing lead-time include sampling time?

Ans. No.

Can I have a price list?
Ans. We have no standard price list. We are a CUSTOMISED OEM manufacturer, so we have infinite variations of style, size, handle type & printing so it is not possible for us to make a price list. Prices are available as per your requirements.
Can I see a visual of my item before i place an order?

Ans. Our creative design team has many years of experience and will be able to advise and produce visual and CAD for you to see your artwork.

Can I develop my own designed OEM product?





Yes. If you can’t find the exact required item in our website then please send us an e-mail with complete description of your product & budget. We will design the product for you with the help of your details.

Which details are required for a precise quotation?
  1. Size of the item
  2. Colour of the item
  3. Type & length
  4. Material & size
  5. Printing details with artwork file
  6. Quantity
  7. Full address with postal code
  8. Shipping option (by sea, by air or by courier)
  Please send us an E-mail with the above details, we will send you a quotation within 24 hours.
Can you send me some samples?

Ans. This is our fundamental job to provide you the samples before ordering. Generally, we take 5 to 10 days to prepare the samples with your print & style, we can send you the ready samples against pre payment fo charges and freight or can use your courier account also

What is your minimum quantity (MOQ)?

Ans. Our minimum quantity is 1000 pieces to 5000 pieces (depends on style & material) Value wise we normally do not accept less than USD 3000 to 5000 order

For sending the PI – Proforma Invoice & SC – Sales Confirmation we need the following details?


  1. Company name – COMPLETE – it should be same as the company who is sending us the deposit – in case you need to send goods to some other address or country please provide your and their details complete along with the contact numbers.
  2. Complete address including the postal code- country name and contact number/email ID of logistic / shipping in-charge.
  3. Contact person and name (including mobile) of all Team members involved in this project.
  4. Airport / seaport main we will use – and final port name also.
  5. Payment terms are 50% deposit and rest 50% when we send you the BOL copy (for sea shipment) in case of air shipment 50% and rest 50% before the goods leave the factory.
  6. Any special instruction you have for the goods we MUST mention on the PI as we MUST have separate check list for our QC/QA team at the time we start the order. Check list client must send us advising all important points so that the production is carried accordingly.
  7. Packing labels / requirements special if any
  8. Shipping marks (extra sheet) on inner/outer boxes
  9. Any label/stickers or print required on the poly bags.
  10. Any applicable safety standards on our product you must double check at your end as well. COVID rapid testing kit is on approved vendor list of FDA and you can check online as well. We will supply the same model as per FDA guidelines only and it will be mentioned on the PI to avoid any issues or problems at later stage. For any other medical supplies please verify the standard details as well
  11. Mode of shipment: ex-works / FOB/ CIF or Door delivery


In case of incomplete details, we cannot start the order production process, or the production can be delayed for which we are not responsible.


Kindly note that we will assume that you have read all the above points carefully and have understood the same.


You are most welcome to clear your doubts if any.

For mass distribution what sizes of T-shirts should we order?

It is always preferable to know the sizes of the users. There are various brands, each following their own size specifications. Therefore, to avoid disappointment to the receiver their shirt size should be taken as irrespective of the brand, shirt sizes are standard and then the same should be converted into t-shirts sizes as per the table below.























































Why Do Garments fade?

Ans. Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and it is this that causes colours to fade. In summer there is obviously a lot more UV radiation than in winter. Further, since the days are longer in summer, you are likely to have clothes fade more in summer than in winter. It is not just clothes hanging on the line to dry that fade. While you are out in the sun, the clothes you are wearing are being exposed to UV radiation and consequently are quietly fading.

Reducing Fading

While you cannot really do much to stop clothes fading while you wear them other than perhaps buying a very large hat or sombrero, you can take some steps to reduce fading when you hang your clothes out to dry after washing them. As a first step, turn your clothes inside out when you hang them out to dry. Any fading which occurs on the inside of the garment is not likely to be noticeable. If you have a rotary clothesline, hang your darker coloured clothes on the inner lines and the lighter-coloured clothes on the outer lines. The clothes on the outer lines act as a shade for the inner lines and reduce the amount of sunlight they are exposed to. If you have a fixed clothesline, you will know the direction from which the sunlight comes for the time of day when you are drying your clothes. Simply hang the white or lighter coloured clothes in a position so that, as much as possible, they come between the darker clothes and the sun.

Finally, do not leave the darker clothes on the line for longer than it takes to dry them. In summer especially, clothes are often dry in under an hour and so don't need to be left out for the whole day.

Minimum quantity I can order?

Ans. Although at HRM we manufacture 8000 pieces a day. the minimum quantity is a single piece from our ready stock of colours and style with branding. Nevertheless, for economies of large-scale production we suggest a minimum quantity of 250 pieces.

Colour options available on T-shirts?

Ans. We offer a wide array of colour options to choose from our ready stocks nevertheless, if a specific colour is required the same too is possible minimum quantity in cotton is 300 pieces and for Polyester Cotton 600 pieces.

Can I give a pantone number to match my required colour of T-Shirts?

Ans. Yes, pantone numbers work well with us. Please note that fabric pantone numbers are different from that of paper pantone numbers as the medium of printing is different. We will need the fabric pantone number. If giving a fabric pantone number is not possible a printout of the colour required too can suffice for matching it manually.

Can I customize my T-Shirt order?

Ans. Yes, you can style your own T Shirt. Visit “Design Studio” on the home page. “Design Studio” is very interactive and simple to use. A minimum quantity of 300 – 500 T Shirts is required for the same depending on the pattern selected.

What type of branding is possible?

Ans. Printing or embroidery are the most popular ways of branding. Depending upon the design we suggest the most suited technique. However, one needs to remember that Halftone / Photographic images cannot be embroidered. Types of printing possible–

  • Pigment Printing - This is a water base method of printing which is possible only on white or light colour garments. Printing can be ironed upon.
  • Plastic Printing - This too is a water base method of printing on white or light colour garments. A thin film can be felt on the surface. Printing can be ironed upon.
  • White Opaque Water Base Printing (locally also termed as Khadi Printing.) – This was the age old method used to print on dark garments. It has a poor opacity. Printing can be ironed upon.
  • Plastisol Printing - Ideal to print on light/dark garments, has good opacity. There are special plastisol printing machines for this ink, fine letterings and alignments are easy to attain. This is the most popular technique of printing the world over. Printing cannot be ironed upon.
  • Lazor / Digital opaque printing on White or Light Garment – Brilliant reproduction of the design, the turnaround time too is very fast. Ideal technique of printing within a few hours. Nevertheless, the printing is Guaranteed to Fade with every wash. This technique is ideal for a single day event.
  • Lazor / Digital printing on Dark garments- Small quantities of dark garments or urgent requirements can be fulfilled by this method. Geometrical shaped designs are easily reproducible. Nevertheless, this method of printing works expensive and not suggested for large volumes.
  • Litho Transfer printing (sticker printing) – Ideal to print halftone designs and works very economical in large scale production. For small runs the development cost may constitute to a significant amount of the cost per piece of printing. Nevertheless the printing cannot be ironed upon. The edges may start fraying after a few washes. A thin film is formed on the garment.
  • Sublimation Printing – Printing is possible only on 100% Polyester garment. Excellent vibrancy of colours. Small runs of printing too is possible. Unlike transfer printing there are no development cost. The layer of ink cannot be felt.
  • Direct to garment printing- Also known as DTG printing, digital garment printing and inkjet to garment printing, is a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialized or modified inkjet technology. This technology is still at a very primarily stage and is evolving. Printing lacks vibrancy.
  •  Rubberized Printing – Is a rubber based chemical, after printing on the garment the print area is heated from the reverse and the print swells out.
  • High Density printing : High density printing is done through a process of adding layers of ink on top of one another to create depth and 3D graphics.
  • Foil printing: Foil applications are a great way to add shine to your custom garments. Makes your t-shirt stand out with this special effect technique.Types of foil possible are gold, silver and brass.
  • Discharge printing : It is also called Extract Printing. This is a method of applying a design to dyed fabric by printing a colour – destroying agent such as chlorine or hydrosulphite, to bleach out a white or light pattern on the darker coloured ground. In colour discharge printing, a dye impervious to the bleaching agent is combined with it, producing a coloured design instead of white on the dyed ground.
  • Rotary printing: Images to be printed are curved around a cylinder. Large volumes of the same repeat printing such as the camouflage printing is attained through rotary printing.
  • Flock printing: It gives a velvet kind of a feel to print. After printing the gum onto the garment, flock powder (available in multi colours ) is sprinkled over the printed gum. Not a very popular way of printing on t-shirts

Metallic and Shimmer Inks : Special effect printing with metallic and shimmer inks come in Silver and Gold colour options. These inks include glitters and shimmers formulated to produce dramatic effects with excellent durability.

Minimum order quantity for customizing a T-Shirts?

Ans. 300 – 500 T Shirt Quantity is required depending upon the pattern selected.

Will my T shirt shrink?

Ans. Knitted cotton always shrinks on wash. However, the shrinkage is reduced by a process of compacting the fabric whereby the shrinkage is less than 5% (internationally accepted norm.)

Will the T-Shirts bleed colour?

Ans. T-shirts are guaranteed for colour fastness. The T Shirts will not bleed or soil other clothes washed along with it. Colour Bleeding normally occurs when poor quality of dyes are used to save on cost of manufacture. (Do refer to Q2: Will garments fade).

What is GSM?

Ans. GSM is the short form of “Gram Square Meter”. This is normally confused with gms (weight of the garment). It is not possible for a non-industry person to determine the gsm. of a garment unless a lab test is done to determine the same. It is very unfortunate that a non-industry person normally, while comparing the price of a garment of various manufacturers, uses G.S.M.as a benchmark. The higher the GSM better the quality is an absolute myth.

What is the difference between combed / semi –combed / carded T-shirt?

Ans. There are various qualities of cotton yarn. Combed cotton is superior to semi or carded. Cotton balls start surfacing after a few washes if the yarn is a semi combed or carded.

Delivery Schedule?

Ans. In case of urgency, our turnaround time could be a few working hours with branding from our stock colors and styles. Ideally, we need 15 days to manufacture order-specific styles. Nevertheless, the same varies depending upon various factors such as style, quality, and quantity.

Do higher GSM (thicker garments) last longer?

Ans. This is a myth, the thickness of a garment does not guarantee its longevity.

What are Organic Cotton?

Ans. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers (there are natural ingredients that can be used for these purposes, such as pyrethrum, which comes from chrysanthemums). Emphasis is placed on the quality of the soil and things like crop rotation and supporting beneficial insects for pest control. Organically grown cotton fibres have the same characteristics as conventionally grown cotton. The yarn is just as strong and durable as any other cotton yarn you could buy.             

What is Pima cotton?

Ans. Originating in the Southwestern United States, Pima cotton is most closely comparable to Egyptian cotton, with which it shares long-fibered tensile strength and an amazingly soft feel. Pima cotton was first produced in Peru but has been named after the Pima tribe of Native Americans who began cultivation of the plant in the US. The desirability of Egyptian cotton led to attempts by the US to grow it in the Southwest, but the resulting crop varied slightly from its Egyptian cousin. The superb absorbency of the material does mean that stains are easily formed, and the fabric should be treated with stain guard whenever possible.

How do I get my goods?

Ans. We ship the goods via air, rail, road & sea to the destination of your choice on a To-Pay basis. Delivery within Mumbai Octroi limits is free.

What kind of Artwork is required for branding?

Ans. For printing we need a .CDR (corel draw with convert to curves or publish to service bureau) or .AI (Adobe illustrator) or EPS file with text converted to curves. For embroidery a good quality JPG file will suffice. In either case a physical printout is very imperative to match the colours. Please note that the colour on the monitor and output may differ therefore a signed printout is necessary.

How do I decide which quality of t-shirt should we opt for?

Ans. For a non-industry person, the best way to determine the quality of a garment is by putting the garment through a wash. If the t-shirt holds good after a wash with regards to colour, shape and feel then it is safe to choose that quality. Technical jargons of specifications although may seem impressive do not hold good for a user as comprehending the technical is almost impossible to the user.

Why does the feel of the garment vary from the ordered sample?

Ans. Cotton being a natural fibre is very sensitive to moisture. The feel of a garment varies depending upon the season it is manufactured in. Many a times the manufacturer needs to use dryers to dry the fabric, the feel of the garment will vary as compared to naturally dried fabric. In the corporate clothing industry delivery schedules are very crucial, and one cannot allow climatic conditions to affect the delivery schedules.

How much does it cost to have some T-shirts printed?

Ans. This depends on several factors. If I may ask you a few questions I will be able to give you a quote for your custom print job. As Screen Printers we should know all the factors that go into producing a custom t-shirt job and know that without getting all the details necessary you cannot give your customer an accurate quote.

Is the print going to stay on the T-shirt?

Ans. We guarantee that the print will stay on your shirts. If a screen printed image doesn't stay on the garment it is because the printer fails to properly monitor the final product as it rolled of out the dryer. A printed image must get to a temperature of 350 degrees all the through the image. If you have a thicker ink deposit on the tshirt the tshirt will require a longer time in the dryer. When a print cracks and peels on a tshirt it is because the screen print was not allowed to be fully cured. Each job has to be monitored separately to have the highest quality image possible.

Why can't you use this image that I supplied you with?

Ans. There are several answers to this question. Nowadays, most people think they can pull an image off the web and you can somehow magically make it appear on a shirt. The first concern you need to have is if the image is copy righted or not. After you've made that determination, you can then begin to explain that images that are on the World Wide Web are only good for the web. The reason being is that images on the web are more times than not only 72dpi. The lower the number of dpi. the lower is the quality of the image. As a screen printer we know that it is very difficult to draw from an image with low resolution and the detail in the image will suffer tremendously. Secondly, many times a client brings in a jpeg image that has multiple colours in it and they think this is ready supplied art. Please ask your agency for a VECTOR image.

When can I get my T-shirts?

Ans. Here again the answer may vary depending upon your requirements and our stock availability. The standard time taken for production is 15 days from fabric manufacturing to delivery. Nevertheless, the same may vary depending upon the customization required by customers. No matter what, we do not make promises to our customers that we cannot keep.

Can I bring my own T-shirts in, or do you supply them?

Ans. We do not entertain customers bringing their own garment and asking us to do the branding. Branding a garment risk rejection. Casablanca Apparels does not accept any product for branding other than our own.

Can I get a sample?

Ans. Yes, you can get paid samples.,

What if I need to order one more T-shirt?

Ans. We always suggest to our clients that they order an additional buffer quantity while placing the initial order itself. Being manufacturers, it is almost impossible to reach the exact quantity ordered for unless we manufacture additional quantity and build it into our costing. This would always increase the cost of the t-shirt to a client therefore willingness to accept a tolerance level of 5% (+) / (-) in the quantity is recommended. Ordering an additional quantity later will cost a lot more.

Do you have t-shirts that I can try on?

Ans. We always suggest our clients try on the samples to determine the sizes required. Sample can be provided on confirmation of prices for size trials.

What if I need my logo for other types of printing?

Ans. If a client has been charged for the logo, then we are obligated to give the same to you. Embroidery: Digitized designs can be mailed to you. Printing: We only charge our client for the mesh and positives. Therefore, if they need the screens to be given to them then the cost of the metal frames will be charged additional.

Can you print this “Nike” logo on some t-shirts for me?

Ans. We have mentioned “Nike” only as an example but any copy righted logo is illegal to print unless you have been granted the rights to do so. You might not think it's a big deal or that you'll get caught. If you do get caught they can come in and take everything you own. Do you want to take that chance? Besides that it's a matter of morals. These people have invested a lot to be where they are. Put yourself in their shoes. We always think of it like this: "What comes around goes around!". Casablanca Apparels does not believe in stealing or using copyright designs and does not entertain such requests.

What is the Organic Cotton?

Ans. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers (there are natural ingredients that can be used for these purposes, such as pyrethrum, which comes from chrysanthemums). Emphasis is placed on the quality of the soil and things like crop rotation and supporting beneficial insects for pest control. Organically grown cotton fibers have the same characteristics as conventionally grown cotton. The yarn is just as strong and durable as any other cotton yarn you could buy Organic cotton yarns can be dyed, but another nice thing about many of the organic products on the market today is that they are left natural. Light brown, gray and green colors are most widely available, allowing you to make beautiful cotton garments that you can feel good about.

Are big brand names better in their qualities?

Ans. The quality you see in the retail outlets is not the quality you get to buy 99% of the time. Large brand names does not necessarily imply that the quality is good. Many large and popular brand in the retail segment have also entered the corporate promotional clothing industry. Nevertheless, they have created a separate low cost and quality line of products for the promotional industry which is not retailed. This line of products is being used only to in-cash its brand image. We suggest “buyer beware” and should keep the brand name aside and compare products on the basis of quality.

Mainly For Sports Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sports balls sent without air (deflated)?

Ans. Yes, we mostly send them without air (deflated) unless specified. We can ship inflated balls however the cost of shipping and handling is very high.

What is a latex bladder?

Ans. In this case, when we inflate the bladder (i.e., sports ball inner tube) this loses some air due to its nature after a few days’ time (say 3-4 days) so has to be filled again with air. We suggest the sports ball with latex bladder be inflated each time before playing.

What is the inner tube (bladder) leaking percentage or AQL level you follow ?

Ans. It is normally less than 1% of the leaking percentage. We follow AOL levels of 2.5% major, 4 % minor, and 0% critical as per International standards.

What is a butyl bladder?

Ans. In this case when we inflate the bladder (i.e. sports ball inner tube) this does not lose any air for good 20-30 days time, then after this time the sports ball might need to be re-inflated.

Do you ship the balls inflated?

Ans. Whenever we quote any prices they are always for the deflated ball with bulk packing, in case your ball is to be shipped inflated that is possible of course but the freight becomes too high, we can only use butyl bladder (special latex) for this ball. For doing small packing, the surcharge will apply

How do you pack the goods?

Ans. Normally we do bulk packing, but any special packing requirement can be done as per your specific project.

What do you mean by the layers?

Ans. Normally we do bulk packing, but any special packing requirement can be done as per your specific project.

How and why will the price vary for the balls?

Ans. The price of the ball varies as per the outer finish. Carbon finish is more expensive, then high shine, then low shine, and at last natural kid grain finish. Also, 2 layer is cheapest, then 3 layer little more expensive than this and 4 layers most expensive.

What is the sample lead time?

Ans. The sample lead time normally with any imprint is 3-7 days and if you need the client logo and imprint etc, it can vary from 3 to 14 days depending upon the raw materials.

What is the sample cost / procedure?

Ans. If you need just a few samples, for the new client we send them FREE using their courier account number and in case they do not have a courier account we ask for the freight money via bank or Western Union and then arrange to send the samples. In case more samples, we charge for the same.

Can we get samples with our logo and imprint?

Ans. Yes, you can, but we normally charge for the same on an actual basis, this amount is refundable on the first order

Minimum Order Quantity?

Ans. We normally have minimum shipment valve with assorted products and sizes etc., as USD 2500 but we can do smaller shipments and put a 10-15% surcharge for the same.

Can you print poly bag or boxes with our name & logo?

Ans. Yes, that’s possible, we have done that for many of our other clients already.

Can you a special finish or shape for us in the sports ball ?

Ans. Yes, that possible of course, if you send us your drawing, visuals, counter sample or picture we can always try to match them.

Do you produce on OEM basis ?

Ans. Yes, we produce on OEM basis.

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