The Company

Incorporated in 1925, Hans Raj Mahajan & Sons is an ISO 9001, 14001 and Sedex Smeta 4 pillar certified Company. Unit established by Sh. Hans Raj Mahajan S/o Sh. Ram Lal Mahajan and Sh. Satish Mahajan S/o Sh. Hans Raj Mahajan with following mission and Vision:

Mission: Our mission is to make our high quality sporting goods, sports wears, bag and promotional products at competitive prices systematically in such a way to make committed time bounded delivery.

Vision: To create our brand Worldwide no.1 quality and innovation.

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Our Achievements

  • Placed in the List of Top Ten Exporters by Export Promotion Council, The Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.
  • Only Official and Exclusive Supplier to the Olympic games from India for more than over 20 years.
  • Our Achievement includes Exporter Excellence Awards for the last 25 years.
  • Current suppliers to all the leading brand names & chain stores Worldwide.
  • Recently our company was on air on TV channel BBC World in their programme called ‘The Indian Business Weekly report’
  • ISO 9001, 14001 and Sedex Smeta 4 pillar certified Company.

Brief Information about our manufacturing process: –

Our Manufacturing unit is established away from the core city area to get enough workplace and also enable the employees to concentrate on their work, as all our work needs concentration and deliberation. We have equipped our factory with the advanced and latest equipment and infrastructure, such as:-

* Designing section has been outfitted with skilled designers having excellent talents in Photoshop, Auto CAD, Corel Draw, and Adobe illustrator apart from natural arts talents.
* Equipped with the latest/updated computers, laser printers, scanners, cameras, and other digital devices to meet all types of design demanded by customers.
* Equipped with Imported Machinery to ensure the quality and finishing of products. All our processes are highly mechanized.

Our In house integration has the following salient features: –

* Innovation/Development of almost all customer demand.
* Product design as per Innovation/Development.
* Visual concept of a developed design.
* Pre-Production Sample prior to production.
* Production Sample prior to Shipment.
* 3D of the Product to enable the customer to see the product as a whole.
* Live Sample dispatch.
* Execution of consignment.

All the above-listed processes are entirely in-house; we need not go outside for any one of the above as our factory is equipped to meet all the above requirements.

Our R&D Department has the following salient features: –

* Mechanized design/development.
* Import of any necessary Machinery or other relevant things.
* Customized designing.
* We have installed many Testing Equipment/Devices for testing purposes. Although we have contact with SGS Laboratory to do all testing, which is not available in our factory premises.
* Our Q.C. and Production Team are ensuring the quality and perfection of product at every stage of production. 

Guarantee/Warrantee/After-Sales Services: –

We provide a Guarantee and Warrantee as per the product’s nature and provide After Sales Service and also give special consideration to our special customers in Prices, Early Delivery and other circumstances required demands.

Hans Raj Mahajan & Sons is a leading name in the sports goods manufacturing industry. And with a rich experience of 97 years, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the global sports goods market. Today, based on our experience, R&D, infrastructure and human resources, we have been successfully exporting our products to 80 countries across the globe and our clients include some of the most reputed brands.

Incorporated in 1925, Hans Raj Mahajan & Sons is an ISO 9001, 14001 and Sedex Smeta 4 pillar certified Company. Unit established by Sh. Hans Raj Mahajan S/o Sh. Ram Lal Mahajan and Sh. Satish Mahajan S/o Sh. Hans Raj Mahajan , following Total Quality Management (TQM) in our entire operations, the majority of our products have been approved by Many International Federation and have the CE marking for safety. Since, our Endeavour is to achieve total customer satisfaction through product innovation, consistent quality, unmatched services and competitive pricing; we are even more concerned about environment and society at large. At HRM, child labour is absolutely banned and we assure our clients that none of our products involve child labour at any stage of production.

Eco-friendly products and development: –

At HRM we are committed on make more and more eco-friendly products, we have developed for our clients more than 10-15 products in the last few years time which are selling very well Worldwide, we always welcome any suggestion / ideas from the client to make these products and can also develop any new product range for this  

Packaging: –

We have a full fledged packaged unit backed by the latest machineries and experienced workforce. Prior to the shipping, all the products are packed with precision to ensure safe and prompt delivery at the client’s destination. We use variety materials such as wooden boxes, pallets, cardboard cartons and others based on the specific packaging requirements.

Different sports goods and equipment requires different methods of packaging. Our packaging professionals have worked with hundreds of companies through the years to determine the most appropriate packaging systems for individualized needs-while maximizing product protection and minimizing packaging costs. We offer customized packing solutions to fulfill needs of our worldwide customers.

Our team of skilled professionals review the products and requirements for packaging. The edge and the corner is covered with protectors to avoid any possible damage during the transit. We also closely review the environments in which the products are handled, shipped and distributed.

After the packaging of the products, the cartons are properly labeled with help of barcoding machines. The barcoding is used to identify the product in the box. It provide much more details of the packed product including dates, batch numbers, weight, quantity and dimensions.

R & D: –

Our R&D department plays a pivotal role in manufacturing high quality and durable sports goods. Our R&D department plans innovative ways to achieve the international quality and safety standards. Important factors like quality of raw material, durability, users’ age and convenience, all weather conditions are deeply studied by our research faculty, as a requisite procedure prior launching a new product in the market.

Research and development has always been the cornerstone that has solidified HRM as the leader of the sport compact industry. In this step countless hours are spent handcrafting multiple prototypes with new level of performance. Once the prototypes are created they are then subjected to numerous tests before giving the final shape.

Apart from this, our R&D personnel continuously strive to upgrade the quality of our sport goods, so that they could successfully meet all the challenging opportunities and compete with sport goods of other major brands. For this purpose our research and development keeps a close watch over ever-changing technology to find out the innovative ways for the further improvement.  

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